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Daniel P Ostlund CFF

Investment Advisor Representative
Ostlund Wealth Advisors


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Tax-Free Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Pension Plan Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Insurance Planning Strategies
  • Risk Assessment
  • A Personal, Custom Retirement Plan

As a personal wealth advisor for over 25 years, Dan has helped hundreds of Puget Sound families pursue their retirement dreams.

Dan has earned a stellar reputation locally and throughout the education community, offering seminars on the Washington State retirement plan, income strategies and investments to school administrators and principals.

Dan is registered as an Investment Advisor Representative and can offer investment and insurance products and services. Dan has also earned the designation of Certified Financial Fiduciary®.

Born in Tacoma, Dan is a fourth-generation business owner. In the late 1800s, his great-grandfather emigrated to Tacoma from Sweden. In 1965, Dan’s father opened Ostlund’s Shoe Store on Regents Blvd. in Fircrest, Washington.

For more than 30 years, Dan has been married to his wife, Marie, a financial professional in the firm who enjoys helping women with their unique financial planning needs.

Dan and Marie have two children who are business and finance students at the Carson Business School at Washington State University. Both children plan to join the family business after graduation.

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I am a fiduciary which means that I put your interest above my own.  I am also insurance licensed which means that I do make commissions from the products that I sell which are paid directly to me from the insurance carriers themselves.  The way I put a financial plan together is that I ensure your goals and objectives are met by a healthy balance between your investment and insurance products to craft a specialized portfolio designed specifically for you.

I specialize in full comprehensive financial planning. It doesn’t matter if you have $100,000, $1,000,000 or even $10,000,000 I can create a customized plan specifically for your needs and goals. Full comprehensive financial planning means that we look at your objectives and find products and services in order to achieve those objectives. These products and services can range while utilizing things such as Tactical Investment Portfolios, Life Insurance, Annuities, Social Security and Medicare, Alternative Investments, Direct Participation Programs, REITS, Crypto Currencies, Lowering Taxes, ensuring your estate plan is up to date, leaving money to charity or your beneficiaries, and much more.

I ask all my clients to complete what we call their Asset Map.  This is where you can input all your financial, family, and work information to help me get the best possible view of your situation so that I can understand what we can do to best serve you.  We review your personalized Asset Map together and then I can take your current portfolio and break down if it is achieving your desired objectives or not.  We go into if you are overpaying for any services or have any hidden fees within your investment portfolios.  Then we start running some simulations to stress test your current financial plan, and if you have a high probability of achieving success.  We tweak that plan as we go along and if we need any other services or products we go over those when I make my recommendations to you.  Once we go over the details, then we start implementing the plan.  We keep you updated as things progress, do our 6-month check-in and then annual check-up every year.

I charge a scale from .5% up to 1.5% depending upon the complexity and level of assets that we are working with together. You can find this on my form ADV which I give to clients upon entering our agreement together as well as on the advisory contract itself clearly written out, which we go over together prior to starting our relationship.

I have been working in the industry since 1987 and you can read more about my bio here.

a. Your money is kept with Folio Institutional which is the brokerage house or bank that stores your money and investments. I do not personally keep any client’s money in a separate account or have access to it. You can see it within your client portal on Strategy Marketplace.

We look at unique Tactical Strategies that use low-cost, low-commission trading practices. We try to manage a healthy balance between risk and reward by mitigating the loss of a portfolio due to a downside in the market. We can’t get out of the market 100% in time, nor can we get back in at the perfect time. However, we look for strategies that do their best to mitigate that negative market condition and capture more of that upside potential.

We do not take custody of any assets, they would be held at Folio Institutional and the account is in your name. Only you have access to your assets and Folio and Strategy Marketplace will only take the fees out of your account.

On Strategy Marketplace we just ask that you start with $5,000 to open an account. However, like many other financial advisors, we have a minimum that we need in order to provide the level of services that I’ve outlined above. The minimum investment to work with an advisor on Strategy Marketplace is $50,000. In order to work with me personally, my minimum investment is $500,000.

On an investment portfolio, we don’t get paid commissions, we only get paid a fee for the assets that we manage. On insurance products, we do receive an upfront commission which I always outline for my clients exactly what that entails and give a few options of products prior to entering into anything with anyone.

No, your account is your account. However, from a firm perspective, we trade in blocks which helps give us a better price as a firm and then we allocate those prices according to each of our client’s portfolios.

Of course, we have that happen all the time. In fact, I encourage our clients to have a separate account to invest on their own.

Yes, you can link your bank account directly with your investment account at Strategy Marketplace. If you have any issues at all you can contact our client support team and they would be happy to assist.

Since we are using an automated trading system and trades can happen frequently we do not contact our clients before we make any trades. Remember you hired us to do this job for you using our expertise and strategies. You give us full authority to trade for you and as a fiduciary on the account, we are trading in your best interest.

That depends on the client. Some clients like to meet a little more frequently and others like less time. Typically when someone starts with us we spend the first few months creating a portfolio and making sure that all the right pieces of the puzzle have been put together and work together. Then we do a 6-month check-up and then after that an annual review each year.

Inside your client portal, you will receive monthly statements that you can download at any time.

Unfortunately in the investing world nothing can be guaranteed from a market loss. Your brokerage account is SPIC protected and many banking and insurance products have FDIC and state insurance protections in place.

We can take your payment directly out of your account which we bill on a monthly basis. That way you never have to write us a check or send us a payment, it’s all done automatically.

I am the CEO of Ostlund Wealth Advisors as well as a financial advisor with Capital Management Services, Inc.


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